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And so it begins with a love Story...

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

For me photography was always in my blood... I joked that I was born with a camera in my hand.... In truth it's the creativity and, putting into pictures the way I saw the world that I loved, and still love.

It was a hard decision to make, do I study design and become an Interior Designer or do I study #photography and become a world famous wildlife #photographer working for National Geographic magazine....Oh youth you are so funny! looking back what was I thinking - I'm even scared of Lions in the zoo let alone on some wild safari in an open top jeep in the wilds of Zimbabwe! So Interior Design it was (because let's face it, what other type of photography is there if wildlife wasn't for me?) But it was to be years before I'd decide to even do that. First I had to be a Practice Manager for a moderately busy Medical Practice, then after 12 and half years of doing that I had to have a baby (or 2) and THEN I decided to pursue my dream....better late than never I hear you say, yes I do agree. So two years of hard labour studying for my Diploma of Design and Decoration and...... I did it! I was a bona fide Interior Designer...and so were millions of other people who had watched, and got their education from The Block TV show. I worked in the design field but the whole time I knew it wasn't all it was cracked up to be (not fun fluffy pillows and nice duvet covers). So the whole time while I was having this crises of identity, I continued taking #photos.... of everything and everyone. Behind my lens I found my happy place. I found beauty in all things around me. I found love. It wasn't until 2 major things happened in my life that I realised that #Photography was where I was meant to be. First a very close friend of mine - who incidentally is a talented #Newborn photographer in her own right (she wasn't back then, but we did share our passion for photography; and still do - but I digress) told me that I should pursue a career in #portrait photography. I said "No. I'm not a portrait person, I like animals and landscapes. I wanted to work for National Geographic you know" (where's the embarrassed face emoji now?) Jo just shook her head and for a while she continued to wear me down, actually, I should add my sister to this as she was also trying to tell me.....to convince me (as I had such self doubt it was ridiculous!) that in portraits was where my talent indeed lay. Then I became an Aunt (for the 3rd time) and my sister-in-law asked me to do my nephew's #newborn shoot; bring on major thing 2. The heavens shone down and I heard the angels singing "hallelujah" (well not really....but it could have happened) and that's when the real love story began.

“Behind my lens I found my happy place. I found beauty in all things around me. I found love.”

I fell in love with taking #photos of people. Even though my nephew was only 14 days old, his eyes were wide open and he looked straight through the barrel of my lens, right into my eyes and spoke to my soul. He had just come into the world, his story was still untold and yet it seemed like he had so much to give and so much more to tell. His moment was now. Those tiny little shining eyes staring at me, melted me and I knew I had #captured his moment; a moment that his parents would treasure for always. What a feeling!

So there it is folks, my love story. It began with a little 14 day old boy named Isaac, his mother that had complete trust and faith in me and a swift push in the right direction from a true friend that never gave up on me.

I have to say though that my entire family (and being Greek, a small family it is not) have been wonderfully supportive of my career. Oh how I feel sorry for my husband that has heard my doubts and fears once too many times...... but who has stood by me and encouraged me every step of the way. My children; my champions - my heart. Everyone is my everything. All my #clients that have trusted me I love them all and I can't wait to continue adding to my client family. My story is not over yet I have so much more to tell working my way through one child #portrait - one family portrait at a time.

Isaac 14 days old - My #muse

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