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Spotlight: What's inside the bag

Every #photographer has a favorite something; be it a #lens, a strap or even just their familiar #camera body that they love to use and you can be sure that these favorite items are carried around in a dedicated bag. Following are a few of my favorite things and my bag and where you can get them..

Anyone that has been on a shoot with me has, inevitably seen my camera bag. It's strapped around my body as I arrive at the shoot (assuming I'm on location) and it then get transferred to my assistant (which is generally my husband) while I do my thing. It's not hard to miss as its not too small and it's bright cherry red. It was the second thing I purchased to house my precious cargo (aka my camera or my big boy as it's affectionately known to me) and I love it. It's weatherproof faux leather and it's heavy but it's so roomy and fits everything in comfortably. I've had it for years and will continue to have it until it is no more.

It's a Lei Momi messenger bag with a strap that goes around your body and it's called the Alice. Mine is Cherry red just like the one pictured and I purchased it from http://www.leimomi.com.au/alice-cherry-red-camera-bag/

(Alice camera bag photo from Lei Momi website & Camera strap from The Vintage Clothespin Etsy store )

Another one of my favorite things is my camera strap. I saw another photographer in the USA had one and she said it was more comfortable around her neck than the normal camera straps. So my sister purchased it for me for Christmas that year and I can tell you, it's the best. You can find cheaper alternatives from EBay but mine came from an Etsy shop in the USA called The Vintage Clothespin


What about my Camera and Lens?

I shoot with the full frame Canon 6D Mkii and the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens. I also have a 50mm f1.8 lens that I sometimes use. The next lens on my wish list will be the 100mm macro for my newborns and the 200mm f/2L for my outdoor portraits. If you're ever in the Melbourne CBD and want to get some new kit I recommend https://www.teds.com.au/stores/melbourne-city They pretty much have it all when it comes to cameras.

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